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Menu Speciality Food Ltd.

Menu speciality Food Ltd , formerly IB food Ltd, has been importing and distributing ambient Mediterranean food to the catering trade in the UK since 1984.

Our head office, Menù Srl, a leading manufacturer of ambient speciality products is based in Cavezzo, near Modena, Emilia Romagna, Italy.Established over 60 years, they are still at the forefront of manufacturing innovations to increase food safety and significantly improve the quality and freshness of their finished products. They currently supply more than 25000 clients in Italy and export to countries such as the UK, Europe, USA, Israel, Japan, and the middle East.

Menu Speciality Food Ltd.
Menu Speciality Food Ltd.

Regarding the products, what makes the difference is a seasonal production with only fresh ingredients that are sourced as much as possible in Italy to reduce our carbon footprint and the lead time from field to production.
Those rigorous methods contribute to a better taste and a cleaner homemade finished product, they do not contain additives, preservatives, or GM ingredients.

We currently have over 300 products in our portfolio, including our world famous Pomodorina fully seasoned tomato concasse, wild mushrooms, artichokes, semi-dried and char-grilled vegetables, dried egg pasta, pulses, olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

We comply with all EU Health and Safety regulations, our distribution and storage facility in the UK is BRC accredited and our Manufacturing plant in Italy is ISO 9001 accredited.

Ambient goods arrive in the UK pre-packaged and are stored in our warehouse, orders are dispatched UK Wide via national couriers.

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